Offers opened for Central Railway


Three offers were submitted for the execution of the Central Railroad project. It is a relevant infrastructure work for the multimodal transport system and the most important in the railway mode of recent years.

In total, there were three proposals from different consortiums of companies: Acciona, Consorcio CMEC-SDHS and Grupo Vía Central. "It's an interesting number, it's not a simple proposal, they have bought ten sheets," said the Minister of Transport and Public Works, Víctor Rossi, at a press conference.

The hierarch reported that from tomorrow and for approximately 30 days will be studied proposals submitted for the construction and maintenance of 273 km of rail between the Port of Montevideo and the city of Paso de los Toros.

The objective is "to build the road so that it can travel on a railway in the conditions of this century," said the minister. The central branch of the railway system will be a standard that will allow the circulation of freight trains at 80 kilometers per hour and 22.5 tons per axle.

This project joins others in progress, such as the rehabilitation of the Rivera line and the coast between Piedra Sola and Salto. Rossi pointed out that these projects have different characteristics to the Central Railway, but will be complemented with it. "The best thing would be that, to the extent that the virtues of having a 21st century railway are demonstrated, it can be extended to the other branches," Rossi emphasized.