The "Central Railway" Project promoted by the Government is an important infrastructure work for the multimodal transport system and the most important railway system in recent years.

The construction and maintenance of 273 km of railways between the Port of Montevideo and the city of Paso de los Toros, taking them to a higher standard that will allow the circulation of freight trains at 80 kilometers per hour and 22.5 tons per axle, Represents an unbeatable opportunity to add the railroad to its transport system.

This project, in addition to those currently underway, such as the rehabilitation of the Rivera line and the coast line between Piedra Sola and Salto, consolidates the expansion of the rail transport supply for national and regional cargoes, complementing the modes previously used .

On the central line Montevideo-Rivera Port and in its area of ​​influence nearby, there are several agricultural, mining, industrial and forestry enterprises, some of which already use the railroad, reason why substantially improve the supply of this mode of transport With lower costs, will encourage a more intensive use of existing demand and the collection of new charges.

The process of recovery of the railway mode that began with the reconstruction of some stretches of railroad tracks is key to the production. And this project has an unbeatable opportunity to consolidate itself and, definitively, to allow the country to incorporate a complementary, competitive and sustainable way into its transport system.

The project includes an initial double-track section of 26 km, a dozen secondary tracks for train crossings, a section of track for industrial access and more than 40 railway bridges that are reinforced or built new. The defined route includes the by-pass of several populated centers and the rectification of curves, to allow greater safety in the circulation of trains. In the interaction with the urban networks of different cities, overpasses will be built (railroad buried in trenches) and at crossings level will be placed barriers systems with luminous signage and sound effects, an automated system that will guarantee the highest road safety.

In short, the "Central Railroad" Project is a significant step in the framework of the transport infrastructure program that the country is developing to strengthen its logistics platform, its complementarity with the truck and the port system and its influence on The territory as a factor of viability of productive enterprises, for its greater competitiveness and sustainability.